Looking forward to August


It’s been a while since I came up with goals for the month and I thought that since I have a ton of things I want to get done in a very short amount of time, I’d better get more organized about how I divide my tasks and spend my time. Luckily, the perfect post landed in my inbox this morning with some great tips, many of which I used to plan out August. I’m not going to re-write what was already shared, except to say I filled out my editorial calendar, I made a list of projects I’m planning to push this month, I broke down each project into small tasks, and I wrote them all in my planner. Now instead of wasting time on Facebook or Instagram because I’m not quite sure what I should be doing, I should be able to look at my planner and say “Oh. I’m supposed to be ordering decals right now,” and then go and do that.

Besides business-y stuff that’s happening, Noweo’s starting preschool. She will be there all day and I’m not sure how I’m gonna cope. I think she’ll be fine, but I don’t know if I can handle her being away ALL DAY. Part of me is looking forward to it and all the extra stuff I’ll be able to get done without her around, and part of me is really sad that she’ll be spending more waking hours with other people than with me. I can always pull her out of extended day so we’ll see how it goes.

Leo’s turning one in a week and we haven’t planned anything. Just a day together as a family and then a simple dinner with our extended family. We’re pretty low key that way.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for the month:

1) Run test prints on several new products I want to add to the shop

2) If all goes well, list and start selling those products

3) Exercise every day


5) Go on a hike

What are your big plans for this month?

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  1. I always want to do the “photo a day” challenges on IG but never finish. I always want to do a “squat challenge” but never finish. The beach is always on my list of things to do too.
    It’s my birthday month so I think I have to make it special. I’m turning 45 (yikes!) And, like 25, I feel like this has some sort of significance.

    I want to look into getting Aoife into a pre-school too. She’s 3.5 so I don’t know if it’s super important for me to do it now, but I want to at least look into my options.

    I’m thinking of getting another rabbit as a companion for my BunBun.

    And I HAVE to go to the dentist. The state of my teeth is nothing to smile about.

    I did a major cleanup of my apartment. That was so satisfying. It’s still not where I want it to be but I feel so good about what I’ve done so far.

    What planning tools do you use? Paperless never seems to work for me as I need the satisfaction of crossing out things I’ve done.

    I hope your girl enjoys school. And that you don’t miss her too much.


    1. Haha I’m so bad at that IG stuff. Anything that requires me to do something every day is just setting me up for failure.I get so lazy to pack up the kids and drive to the beach but I never regret it once we get there. I may be able to head to the beach alone this year because my mom said she wants to take Leo on Wednesdays. I can’t remember the last time I went without kids. Woohoo! It’s just a matter of getting off my butt and going.
      Happy birth month! 45 is a special number. Hope you do something fun to match.
      I didn’t care too much about Noweo going to preschool but I thought I’d try to get her in to Kamehameha and she got it. So I figured why not? I’m not really convinced that traditional school will prepare her well for the future, but this year we’ll give it a shot and see. I’m not too eager for her to jump into the rat race just yet so I’m hoping it’s just a fun environment that doesn’t put any pressure on her (or us).

      As far as planning tools go, I print my editorial calendar out, I have a printed list of projects I want to tackle, and I break those down into actions steps that I write down in the weekly view of my paper planner. I scheduled all my action steps for the entire month so I don’t have to think about what to do next. This is my first month trying this method so we’ll see if I can stick to it. I’ve tried different apps for handling to-dos but I think I like paper the best.

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