My Clean House Plan

Clean House-01

I’ve been struggling in recent weeks to balance everything that I’ve got going – my work, the kids and the house, plus it’s graduation season – always a busy time when your husband works at a university. When life gets crazy, everything unravels if the house is out of order. Having a messy house is time consuming, distracting, and stressful – not good when you’re trying to do creative work (or any work for that matter.) Home is your foundation and when you work from home it becomes that much more important to keep it running smoothly.

I finally came up with a plan the other day to do just that. It tells me exactly what to do in the morning to ensure we have a smooth running day, and what to do in the evening to make sure we wake up to awesomeness and aren’t cleaning up yesterday’s mess. Keeping the house under control is as simple as looking at my chart, doing what needs to get done and checking it off (my favorite part).

I needed my chart to literally walk me through my day, so I broke it up into three parts: morning, evening, and daytime.

Daily Tasks-01

“Morning” and “evening” actions are always done every day. Obviously I don’t need a reminder to make breakfast. It’s just there because I get so easily distracted that I need a specific list of action steps in order to keep me on track (Do this, then do this, then do this.) “Daytime” stuff varies depending on what day of the week it is (except for mail). Here’s what Tuesday looks like.Daily Tasks-02

There’s also space to jot down other things that aren’t part of the normal routine.

Here’s how it works:


I made a specific sheet for each day of the week. I printed it out and trimmed it down to 8×10, stuck in a cello sleeve (so it becomes “dry erase”) with a backing board so it’s nice and rigid. Each night I pull out the next day’s sheet and jot down the “other” things that need to get done. Then I stick it on the fridge. In the morning, I wake up, go through my morning routine, tackle the specific chores for that day and I’ve got the rest of the day to do whatever else I need to do until the evening.

Our evening routine starts after dinner and ends when it ends. Each day it totally manageable, and the best part is, as long as I do everything I can be confident that the house is under control. It may not be completely perfect, but pretty close, and doing this consistently means cleaning takes less and less time since less time goes by in between cleaning.

If you’re interested in implementing something similar and would like to use this as a starting point (obviously this is very specific to us and you need something that’s specific to you), I’m sharing my files with you today. I made these in Illustrator but you could do something very similar in Word or Pages or whatever you have. If you work with Illustrator, I’ve also included the original file.I wasn’t going for pretty, so embellish all you like. FYI, that pink border is actually a trim line so I could get an 8×10 sheet, but you don’t need to trim it if you don’t want to. You could also just use a clipboard by sticking your paper in there with a transparency over it to have that same dry erase functionality. You can buy single transparencies at pretty much any large office chain or print shop.


Happy cleaning!

Pattern Play No. 1

Pixel Patterns No1-01

For many weeks I’ve been feeling the overwhelm of having a TON of stuff to do (learn photoshop, learn html, learn css, design stuff for clients, figure out how to work with clients, cook, clean, change diapers, BLOG, etc.) and no clear direction on how to get this stuff done. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m going to start calming my life down by really defining this blog (so at least I have it straight in my head). Here goes:

SoPupuka is a design/business blog where I share what I’m learning about graphic and web design, running an online business, freelancing, and balancing work with family. From this space you can buy my products, read tutorials, download freebies and hire me (coming soon!).

I’m kicking off this shift in focus with a freebie! This is a great way to practice techniques I’m learning, and right now, pattern-making strikes my fancy. I’ve created five pixel patterns in Photoshop. This .zip file includes 5 .pat files, and 1600 x 1600 jpg files of each pattern. Look for more stuff like this in the future!

Click here to download


p.s. Feel free to share this link and use the files in your own personal/commercial projects, but DO NOT re-distribute these through any other channel other than this link (even if you’re giving it away.)