One piece of blogging advice that changes everything


Heard on my current favorite podcastWrite what you love to read. 

Is this as earth-shattering to you as it was to me? If you’re writing for an audience, it can be really hard to figure out what they want to read. Even the best bloggers don’t write posts that everyone loves all the time.

I know I’m not alone in this struggle.

Oddly enough know that I know exactly what I’m interested in reading, and what I’m not.

I love stories, words with personality and voice. I love behind-the-scenes type posts where I get to learn about how other people get stuff done. I love reading about people who come from completely different backgrounds (that’s the anthropologist in me). I love reading about how people innovate.

On the flip side, I’m not crazy about reading tutorials – I prefer to watch videos for that. I don’t read much about fashion, I don’t read food blogs unless I’m looking for something specific (though I pin lots of pretty food)

So if I know what I like to read, doesn’t it make sense to write that sort of stuff too? What do you think? Do you focus on writing stuff that you yourself would like to read?


  1. Love the new button/header! And I agree, everything about my blog is the way I like to read blogs. Well, not everything because I certainly make exceptions. I don’t like to watch videos, so I don’t do them. I like lots of pictures and graphics, so I use a lot. But like I said, I make exceptions almost all the time depending on the blogger and how connected I am with them. Connection kinda trumps it all.

    1. Thanks! And what you said about connection, I couldn’t have said it better! Sure there may be some posts that don’t really resonate with me as a reader, but who cares if you really feel connected with a person?

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