When More Really is More


On August 8th, 2013 we became a family of four. A beautiful daughter, Leolani (Ley-oh-lah-nee) was born and our lives forever changed. She makes our family so much fuller in the very best way, and reminds me that the most valuable things in life are the people in it. In this instance more is definitely more. Another baby brings more love, more kindness, more simplicity. Leolani may be pint sized, but she draws the love out of everyone around her.

A few mornings ago we were all piled in bed together. As I looked at the children we've brought into this world I felt a depth of happiness that can't be bought - the kind that comes from knowing what you've gone through to bring them here, and that it was all worth it because they fill your life with love.

I know we'll face our challenges down the road, but for now, I'm savoring the sweetness of having a newborn again.