This Week


Well, last week started off AWESOME. I got a ton of stuff done...and then we got hit by a tropical storm. Fortunately no one was hurt, but there was a lot of property damage in some areas. Our house was fine, but Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were pretty much a total loss. Noweo's school was cancelled, Keola was off work, we were doing a bunch of stuff to get ready, plus it was Leo's birthday on Friday and everything business/blog related just flew out the window.


I'm having a hard time switching gears back to "normal life." So that's my excuse for not getting everything done, even though I still accomplished quite a bit. At the same time, I changed my mind on some of the things I wanted to get done last week so it actually evens out. Whew! Here are my high hopes for the week:


1) This week my focus is back to product development - making what I can and ordering what I can't.

2) I want to spend some time focusing on the house. I feel clutter beginning to creep in and collect on countertops and in corners. I already cleaned out the kids' room and got rid of a ton of stuff. I need to remind myself more often, that not buying stuff is a lot easier than having to get rid of it.

3) I'm working on moving our photo collection into Lightroom. I absolutely LOVE the fact that my pictures don't have to live on my computer to edit them. I moved everything to an external hard drive, built "smart previews" and now I can view and edit them in Lightroom without having to have the hard drive connected. My goal is to build a lirary where I can easily find any photo (and I have over 10,000).

4) Get another shipment of cards out to Sugarcane Shop. My first shipment of Mahalo cards sold out. Yay!


What are your big plans for the week?