This Week

Honi Honi mockups-02

In an effort to stay on task this month, I'm introducing "weekly goal" posts just to put my intentions out there in the universe and hopefully increase my chances of accomplishing everything.

This week is all about R&D (research and development). Making screens, test printing, printing and sewing some prototypes, and designing some new branding stuff.

1) There are lots of things I want to screen print, but I'm going to start with trucker hats. Last week I put out a bunch of mock-ups on Instagram to find out what people liked, and hands down it was the dark and light grey and turquoise hats that were the most popular, so I'm gonna start with those. Do I have the equipment you're "supposed" to have to screen print a hat? But I'm just gonna jump in and give it a try, and if it turns out that I'm better off having someone else do it, then I'll go that route, but there's no harm in giving it a go.

2) Since I'm back on the horse with my editorial calendar all scheduled up, I'm going to try and get a few blog-related things done WAAAY ahead of time for a change. I really want to be doing more interviews on this blog so I will be asking some folks doing business-y things to come and share some thoughts, and I'll be prepping and getting those questions out this week.

3) I'm also working on designing some new branding things - thank you cards to send with orders and a stamp to brand some brown paper gift bags I ordered (for when I do events).

4) NOT business related: Pick up a birthday present for Leo. Noweo and I had the best brain-storming session this afternoon that went something like this:

"Noweo, what do you think Leo would want for her birthday?"

"Unicorns make good presents...."

"That is SO true."


Really thinking about and talking about these things and having it in my face all the time really gets me excited about doing them. What are some ways that you stay excited about your work?