The Power of Amazing Dads

This is a quick journal entry I wrote while on our little weekend staycation a couple of weeks ago. The moment just made me ooze with happiness.

Noweo and Daddy

It has been SO amazing today...just to be together, talking, eating, playing, driving. The scenery has been just beautiful and it's wonderful to get away from all our normal distractions and be a family.

Right now we're at the beach. I'm relaxing in the shade and Keola and Noweo are playing in the water. I just love seeing them together - how gentle he is with her, how trusting she is of him. THIS is how solid relationships between men and women are formed - when a father gently leads and cares for his daughters, giving them love, kindness, safety, security. Girls who trust their dad I believe are more likely to find a good man they can trust with their lives and the lives of her children. It happened for me and one day Noweo will know how to find the same if she desires, all because of her amazing Dad.