The Only Blog I Really Loved


Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about how much I loved writing here...before I took everything off this blog and started over. I miss talking about real life as it happened, enjoying the beauty of even the seemingly mundane moments. I've started other blogs and stopped them. I'm writing here but after a little while I feel like my heart is still at SoPupuka (ok now I sound like the stupid ex-boyfriend). If there's anything I'm learning from all this it's not to act too hastily, so that blog will stay but I will be back to blogging here more frequently.

I actually don't regret giving this blog a clean slate because it got REALLY messy with all the platform changes I was doing. I feel like I've grown up a bit as a blogger and know who I am and what I want to share here, so I can be more focused on great images and writing focused more on my ongoing efforts to live simply.

I love this space. I'm so glad for a fresh start.