The Inspired Day


A bad habit of mine is to play constantly with GTD (Get Things Done) apps, thinking that these will make me a more efficient person. I input all my todos, get them all organized, tagged, etc., and then when it comes to doing them, I just sit on my butt and ignore them, or I end up doing other equally productive things that weren't in the plan for that day.

I'm therefore thinking of adopting more of a "go with the flow" approach to getting things done. I'm not talking about the usual household work. Things like laundry, dishes, sweeping, are "defaults" that are already incorporated into my day. I'm talking about other projects around the house that need to get done, but don't have a deadline. Having virtually no schedule or deadlines, there's no point to me feeling like I HAVE to do anything. These projects are things that I want to do because they will contribute to the overall peace, well-being and efficiency of the house.

Along with trying to have only those things in my house that are important to us as a family, I'm also trying to DO the things that are most important. Sometimes we don't know what's most important for us to be doing because we're looking at our list rather than tuning in to how we're feeling. Having a set list of todos stops us from sensing that maybe right now, there's something more important that we should be focusing on. Outside of regular chores and habits, having nothing scheduled means I can be completely flexible and responsive to anything that happens in my day.

This week I'm going to try a more hands-off approach to getting things done by not deciding beforehand what I should do. I'll still keep a list of things that I would like to get done, but I'll only reference it as a reminder of different options that I have. Every day I'll spend more time gauging my energy, noticing my children and how much they need me at any given moment, what their energy levels are, how they're feeling, glance at my list, and simply do what speaks to me, trusting that the things that should be done, will be done, and ending each day with a feeling of accomplishment, even if the house is a mess, even if I didn't check anything off my list because I trusted my gut and did what I was inspired to do. I'll share my thoughts next week.

Have you ever taken a "no-plan" approach to your day? How did you like it? Did it work for you?