The Best of January

Part of "thriving" to me, is recognizing big and small wins so you feel good about the things you've been a part of, so I'm kicking off a "Best of" series which will to up at the end of the month, highlighting my favorite moments of that month. In no particular order:  

Best Sleeping PositionIMG_0773

Best Business BuyIMG_1335

Best FriendsIMG_1382

Best Photo of Moss on a TreeIMG_1286

Best seat in the houseIMG_1343

Best New ExperienceIMG_1156

Best thing I could've done for this blog IMG_1047

Best Panoramic Shot


Best New DesignIMG_1075

Best New Guilty PleasureIMG_1155

Best use of $18IMG_1160

Best Lunch


Best DriveIMG_1214Best Conversation (it was about butts)IMG_1318

Best Reason to Turn off the TV


Best Shot of the Girls' Room (It normally looks way messier)


Wow. It really was an amazing January. I'm so glad I wrote this post. I'm so grateful for the life I have, for the people in it, for the place I live in. Grateful grateful. What were your best January moments?