Spun Paradise Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I did my first ever photo shoot for a local cotton candy company, Spun Paradise. If you're thinking "Man it must've been fun taking pictures of cotton candy," you'd be right. I had a great time getting to know the mompreneur Danna and eating photographing her delicious product. She's put a tropical twist on her candy by using flavors like coconut (my favorite), watermelon and mango.

Everything was taken with my iPhone (my only camera - and yes, I warned her beforehand) and we had fun playing around with different ideas and getting our fingers all sticky with fluffy, sugary goodness. In humid places cotton candy will start to melt when it's exposed to the air, and the result was a sort of "icicle" effect that laced the candy. I think it created great contrast and made for some interesting shots.

I never thought I'd make a dime taking pictures, so much so that my pitch was something like "if you want better than average pictures without having to hire a pro then maybe I could help out."

I know I'm a million miles away from a career in photography, but this was a fun experience for me.

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