Photo Project: A Year of Mess


It started as a sarcastic comment about this picture I posted of Noweo's "house" a few days ago: "I should start a new photo project: A Year of Mess." Then I instantly had a "hmmmm" moment, where I thought, "That might actually be a good idea." And so begins #ayearofmess on Instagram.

As part of my efforts to "Keep life real" and "Thrive" I'm going to post pictures of a mess in our daily lives. Don't worry…it won't be anything that's TMI. I'm going to challenge myself by trying to make it as beautiful as possible. I DON'T want a feed full of garbage, but I DO want a feed that reflects our real lives. I believe it's good practice to look at the bright side, re-frame less-than-ideal situations, and try to realize the significance of every moment. It's easy to see beauty in a flower, or a seashell. It's much harder to see beauty when the sink's full of dirty dishes, the hamper's overflowing, and your kitchen table has become your kid's latest art installation, but I'm gonna give it a good college try. Join me and tag your messes at #ayearofmess.