Operation Art Up the Walls


We've lived in this house for six months and there is SO MUCH I want to get done that I've been paralyzed with overwhelm. This weekend I sat myself down and said "Ihi, just pick one thing and DO IT."

I picked art.

One of the reasons I've been holding off is because I couldn't figure out how I wanted our furniture to be arranged. Even this morning I rearranged stuff, but I think I got it just the way I want, so art can FINALLY go up.

We have ONE piece currently occupying our walls (not counting a couple of wedding pics I threw up in the bedroom that I want to rearrange). It's an awesome piece, done by a friend of ours for our anniversary and it means a lot to both Keola and I, but it's lonely up there on the wall, all by itself. I'm dying to fill our walls with things that scream "us," things that hold meaning and memories, things that encourage and comfort. So this month I'm making it a goal to get some art up on these walls. I'll be DIYing most of it since my budget for this is tiny, but I'm determined to make it work, and have a home that's a little bit more "homey" to welcome the New Year.