One Little Word Check-in

IMG_3916 Periodically I plan to do a little self-evaluation and to see how I'm doing with my one little word for this year, "thrive." Looking back on that post, there are some things that are going well, and some things that aren't, which comes as no surprise:

"I want to write more. I want to really get this blog off the ground. I want to make more things, I want to simplify our food, and my wardrobe. I want to get more art on the walls, and take my business more seriously. I want to make more room for things I’m curious about, things I want to learn, and I want to spend more time learning with my children."

I'm blogging more, but not really journaling the way I want to. I'm not really making things because I haven't really found anything that I want to make. Food is something I still haven't really gotten a handle on. To be honest, cooking is one of the HARDEST things for me to get the motivation to do, but once I get going I enjoy it. I HAVE put up more art on the walls and will publish an update soon. I am taking my business more seriously than at any other time. I'm thrilled by it, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it all work.

Here is where I'm really struggling right now:

"...thriving is about lightening our load so that we can move quicker, do more, have more energy, more light-heartedness. It’s about having a mindset of abundance, it’s about being grateful. It’s about savoring the moment and really, really being in the present…"

I feel like I've allowed too much stuff into this house and I'm starting to feel that claustrophobic feeling, so I've been doing some binge-purging. I've found that if I take stuff out and put it in the car, that I'll be 100% more likely to donate it when I'm near a thrift store. Getting stuff out of this house and keeping stuff from coming in is a huge priority for me, and a battle I feel I'm currently losing. As a result I'm feeling a little bit sluggish.

We're also beginning to accept the fact that Keola might not have a job by August of next year (his job is funded by a federal grant), and I used to be completely confident that the right opportunities will come, but the closer and closer we get, the easier it is to let worry seep in, which messes with my desire to have an attitude of abundance.  Worrying about the future is making it hard to live in the moment.

Yes, I am a little stressed. Some things are working, some things aren't. I am still confident however, that you do not need much to thrive. It can be done in the best of times and the worst of times and there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.