One Little Word 2014

It's the last day of the year and about time I wrote about my one little word for 2014. 2013 was "settle." It was about calming down, and getting my feet back under me after the whirlwind that was Maui. I didn't make a great effort to incorporate that word into my every day, but looking back on the year that's really what it was all about. Aside from moving twice and having a baby, it was a pretty uneventful, drama-free year, and I think I needed that. I needed that time and space for us to just be our own little family, and it was wonderful.

Now we're hours away from 2014 and I want to do much more this year. I want to write more. I want to really get this blog off the ground. I want to make more things, I want to simplify our food, and my wardrobe. I want to get more art on the walls, and take my business more seriously. I want to make more room for things I'm curious about, things I want to learn, and I want to spend more time learning with my children.

These aren't resolutions, rather, things I'm excited about right now that I think will help me in my efforts to


This word fills me with energy and makes me excited. The best part about it is that I really don't need a lot to truly "thrive." In fact, in my mind, thriving is about lightening our load so that we can move quicker, do more, have more energy, more light-heartedness. It's about having a mindset of abundance, it's about being grateful. It's about savoring the moment and really, really being in the present (which is ironic because I'm soooo excited for it to be 2014 already so I can start appreciating the moment haha.)

Anyway, so long 2013. You've been great.

Hello 2014. It's nice to meet you!