My Go-To Lunch


Lunch is often the forgotten meal and for that reason, keeping it simple and eating the same thing every day is the best way for me to eat something good. For the past few days it's been this salad. It tastes fantastic, and it's got enough going on in it to keep my taste buds from getting bored. Here's the recipe (and you can easily use your favorite meats/veggies/fruit - the great thing about salads is there are no rules):

Romaine lettuce (as much as I want, but usually three large romaine leaves chopped)

Rotisserie Chicken (I just eye-ball it, but it's probably about 1/3 cup)

1 small apple

Dried cranberries

Sunflower seeds

Feta cheese

This dressing or whatever dressing but I think a vinaigrette works best.

I'm not overly concerned with calorie counting or portioning. I know that each food on its' own is whole and unprocessed (besides the dressing) and I love the way I feel after eating it - satisfied but not weighed down by heavy starches, content but not tired. This salad keeps me going strong till dinner. I'm not sure how long I'll eat JUST this salad, but it's a good starting point and from here I can experiment and try new things.