Mahalo Cards No. 2


I've been meaning to create more Mahalo (thank you) cards (no. 2 since this is my second ever Mahalo notecard). I always have ideas floating in my's just a matter of getting it out onto the computer. Last week I made these. It's the first time I've tried incorporating my own handwriting into a design (besides the SoPupuka logo), and I'm pleasantly surprised because I've always hated my handwriting. I used the Paper app by Fifty Three to write "Mahalo", sent it over to Illustrator to vectorize it (vectorizing turns images into lines that can be manipulated) and resized and moved things around to the right dimensions for a card. Added some fun background colors and a "seriously." on the bottom because (ironically), I don't want this card to be taken too...err...seriously.  These will be printed and sent off to Sugarcane Shop as soon as I get back from vacation.