Looking Forward to March


Correction: We're already in the thick of March, but I was so busy at the end of February I feel like I never got to properly wrap up that month before March came crashing through the door.

This month I will try to focus more on the house, because it was sorely neglected in February. I feel the need for a major de-clutter, and I'm in the market for a new vacuum. I thought I could get away with microfiber brooms since we have wood laminate, but then we put a few rugs over that and now we're in desperate need of something with decent suction. Besides that I really do want to get to a state of cleanliness and organization that's easy to maintain.

We REALLY need to start planning Noweo's 4th birthday. (FOUR??!?!!? That's one year shy of HALF A DECADE. what?)

The art wall is also going to be a priority if I can get to the house clean.

Business-wise I plan on rolling out some new things based on the feedback I received at the Family Affair - specifically decals, but I also want to figure something out for those business cards. If you have any ideas please let me know.

I subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud, and I'm itching to play with and really study Illustrator and Photoshop. I've been able to do quite a bit without them. The sky's the limit with them. I think this is what I need to take on more design work, because previously my exporting capability was .png and .pdf, and files were saved as .svg, which doesn't always play nice with Illustrator, and it's hard to work with print shops when my files are incompatible. I was also always nervous about taking on clients because of this file issue, but once I really become proficient I'll be taking on design projects with more confidence. Happy dance! I'm also excited to play with Muse - a website builder that doesn't require code (because I'm a visual learner and I suck at code.)

Altogether, March will be a little more peaceful then February I think, but exciting nevertheless.