Looking Forward to February

January was such a great month for me and I hope to continue the momentum for February. Here are some things I'm looking forward to in the love month:

Trucker hats! These babies have already received a great response when I posted a picture of a mock-up. I want these to be on peoples' heads by March 1. You know what's lame? I don't even own a trucker hat myself. I've never been a hat person, but I'm willing to convert for these.


Finalizing this website and my online store: I'm SO sick of moving e-commerce platforms, I finally think I found a solution that will stick for me. It will also accommodate wholesale orders, with discounts for bulk orders.

Prepping for my first event of the year: I'm planning on attending the Hilo Family Affair at UH Hilo on March 1, (and taking my trucker hats with me!) I'm so excited to see what the response is, because it's been really positive so far.

Keola's birthday! He is venturing further and further into the 30s. I'm a happy 20-something for another year and a half, but oh man this decade has just FLOWN.

Re-working my work space: I'm thinking I need more table space and less shelving so I may be moving things around.

Participating in my first ever design competition: More on this when my submissions are online, but I just sent them in. It's a bit nerve-wracking to put yourself out there for people to vote on. I don't really care to know if/how many people voted for my designs, just whether I won or lost. Either way I'm happy because if I lose, I'll definitely re-work the designs into something else, plus I'll have had a great experience and some good exposure. Win. Win. Win.


Getting art on the wall! I've already framed two pictures (and tried my hand custom matting for some square instagram pics.) One hurdle I face is exactly how to hang stuff on the wall. There are so many different hanging solutions. I personally am all about Command products but depending on the frame and the wall if it's textured, it doesn't always work well. I need to do some research.

Starting a couple new blog series: One is a guest blogging series, and the other is my own. I'll introduce those in the near future, and I'm (you guessed it) REALLY excited.

Got any big plans for February? Do tell.