Life is a Mess Sometimes, and that's OK


My daughter with her great-grandmother - one at the beginning of her journey, and one nearing the end.

This morning I was journaling about a period of frustration I was experiencing, and it turned into a letter to my posterity, that is now turning into a blog post:

Sometimes I worry about what my posterity will think of the brutal honesty in my journal, but journals are meant to capture real life as we live it. I'm doing them a favor by showing them that life is HARD and FRUSTRATING sometimes.

I want anyone who reads this to not feel like a failure if things aren't perfect at home. Life is rarely perfect. Perfect moments come and go. They can't be sustained forever because life is meant to challenge us. The last thing I want is for my life to look like an unattainable ideal because all I write about are the good things. Each of us go through the same things - relationship problems, financial problems, health problems, tragedy and it's ok to be upset about it, but then you move forward as best you can.

I think of my grandparents who have wisdom coming out of their ears. It's easy sometimes for me to look at their seemingly perfect lives and compare it to my own sorry attempts to follow in their footsteps, until I hear their stories and realize that they went through what I'm going through now. They certainly had their flaws, but the years have worn them smooth and they are far more perfect than I am because they know more about living than I do. I look at them and think "One day I will get there, but I don't have to be there right this instant."

Be kind to yourselves and others. We're all on different points of the same journey.