Keep Life REAL: Blog Editorial Calendar


Today I'm sharing my blog editorial calendar, shamelessly copied from this post on Elise's blog enJOY it. This project solves three problems:

1) Previously any post ideas would go into iCal, but the problem was that I wouldn't see them unless I opened up iCal and looked at it. Out of sight out of mind right? Not anymore. It's RIGHT IN MY FACE. Every time I walk into my bedroom I pass my little office space and my calendar practically slaps me in the face.

2) I can move post ideas around - Sure I can do that in iCal too, but there's nothing like looking at a wall and rearranging things with my hands.

3) It adds a bit of color to the wall.

This was a 10 minute (it could've been shorter except Noweo was helping me), totally unscientific project. I completely eyeballed everything and love the result. I used my post-it notes to space out the wash tape, and just threw it up on the wall in a 5x5 grid (5 days a week, five weeks a month). I don't really care too much about dates on the calendar itself. All I want to know is what I'm going to be writing. By planning out posts with a real calendar at the beginning of the month I'll be able to see if certain posts should fall on certain dates, but as I go, all I really need to see is what I'm writing tomorrow, not the date a post needs to go up.

I know that nothing will get done on this blog unless I DO IT, and Iʻm hoping this physical, tactile way of managing my blog will help.