A New Project: Keep Life REAL

i live for real life

I'm not alone when I say that over the years the way I manage the information in my life has gone from existing totally in the real world (non-digital), and then slowly but surely taking up residence on a hard drive - whether it's on my phone, my computer, or in the cloud, and while I think it's improved life in some ways, I also find myself wanting to store more of my life in the real world rather than the digital one - an actual calendar I can scratch the dates out every night, the vulnerability of face to face conversations, the personality of handwritten letters, a written record in a paper journal. The ability to create things with my own two hands, however insignificant is becoming more and more important to me, and I will be making some changes to the way I do things that will move me more out of the digital world and into the real one. I'll be posting about this on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #keeplifereal, and sharing some larger projects and more thoughts about this topic on the blog. Feel free to join me and share your physical, real life creations. Feeling so excited for more REAL LIFE in 2014.