Hi Again!

Where do I even start? After all these months of not blogging...I don't know where to begin. Life has been so full and crazy and BUSY. I guess I'll just start with an update and move on from there.


1) If your only contact with me is through this blog, then you surely don't know that I'm PREGNANT! I was trying to find a photo of my belly and I realized I have ZERO belly shots this time around. Oops! Our third girl will be joining us sometime in July (unless she wants to make me suffer and stay in there till August, which is totally possible because she's due July 24th.) Let's hope she's nice and doesn't make me wait. It's been tough being pregnant with a 1 year old. She's constantly climbing all over me and begging me to carry her, etc. (see above). BUT on the flipside dealing with a 1 year old has kept me in pretty decent shape considering I don't work out AT ALL. Still, it isn't easy and I get tired a lot.


2) Noweo finished up her first year of preschool and is on to Kindergarten. Here she is stamping the shirt she wore for their little "graduation." What???!!! Yeah. It's crazy how old she is. I've been doing this motherhood thing for five years???? Half a decade???? Unbelievable. It's certainly true for me, that the days are long, but the years are short. I considered home schooling...a lot. I've read so much about it and wanted to try it out buuuut ultimately we decided to try Noweo at my old elementary school, where my mom also works. It's an excellent school and much smaller than the one she's supposed to go to, so I think she'll get great attention there. I'm looking at her education as a grand experiment where none of our decisions need to be final. We will probably re-evaluate schooling for our children every year and make adjustments as necessary. That took a big weight off my shoulders because I was seriously agonizing over this and putting it off for months.


3) I worked really hard on SoPupuka for the first half of this year, but now I'm kind of running out of steam because I'm very pregnant. I'm constantly at a loss as to what to do and where I should best focus my time/energy/money. This first half of this year was by far my most successful ever, and I'm so happy about that, BUT it's also quite a lot of work because I'm printing and tagging and packaging and doing it ALL myself. After a long day of wrangling the kids and then working after they went to sleep, my body would be screaming for rest so I've had to slow down. I've noticed through this whole process that I'm such a control freak and perfectionist that I have a hard time asking for help. I think I need to do that more, and find ways to work smarter, not harder.


4) Keola is facing unemployment again. We're not sure if his job will receive funding but we are at the point where we're tired of having our lives dictated by whether or not some nameless feds sign a piece of paper to reinstate funding. There's simply no security in it. He's worked his butt off and we've all been raised to think that we'll be rewarded according to how hard we work but that simply isn't as true as it used to be. The photo above is from a conference he spoke at presenting his own program that he built from the ground up. He's worked hard and still some stranger has the power to take away everything he's worked for with the stroke of a pen? How messed up is that? SO, we decided we'd rather try to make it work on our own. Is it scary? You bet. Especially with another little one on the way, but today we talked to a friend about what are plans are, and he said he thought it was cool that we're going all in and betting on ourselves. I never thought of it that way, but that's exactly what we're doing, and the truth is, if you can't believe in yourself, why should anyone else? Are we as ready as we'd like to be? No, but we're a good team, and we'll figure it out.


5) Keola's writing a book! It's actually a REALLY cool concept but he doesn't like me explaining it because I always do such a horrible job. The basic premise is what if Hawaiian deity were actual people who lived and worked among us? ...AAAND that's all I'll say about that. The characters have amazing depth and I feel like if I started talking about the actual story, I could go on forever. I'm so excited for him and for this idea. Serious.

And that's about it. I know I said I wouldn't blog here anymore, but I had to make changes to SoPupuka which eliminated the blog I was supposed to be writing over there so here I am again. I want to blog a lot more but at the same time I just want to be chill about it and make sure that I'm enjoying what I'm writing and not putting too much pressure on myself.

Talk soon!