Healthy Changes 2014


It's not so much a New Year's resolution thing as it is a "I feel GROSS after all that unlawful eating I did over the holidays" thing, but I decided that I need to start eating better. Not to mention this is absolutely necessary to "thrive" this year. I need more energy and I want to be healthier so I'm simplifying my diet until I get it under control. My main goal is to eat vegetables with every meal and reduce starch, dairy and sugar intake. So far breakfast is a scrambled egg with sautéed veggies (usually mushroom, onion, bell pepper and spinach). Lunch is a chicken salad, and dinner is some kind of lean meat with vegetables (usually steamed or roasted). I know I've only been doing this for two days (with some cheating here and there) but I already feel SO much better. Yesterday was a ridiculously crazy day but I felt like I had good energy and I didn't feel weighed down by my food. I'm loving everything I'm eating so far and feel like I could keep this up for a while. Tomorrow I'll share what I'm eating for lunch.