Happy Birthday Leo!

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By the time this post goes live on your birthday, a hurricane will have swept through our island. It's already done damage to nearby areas. I'm so glad I'm not about to have a baby like I was  year ago when you joined our family Leo. What a way to end your first year! That means your birthday is likely gonna be lame, but we'll do our best to make it fun for you.

Unlike tonight's weather, your transition into life on the outside has been mostly smooth and blissful (at least that's what I remember now.) Giving birth to you was intense and quick. You ate and slept really well from the get-go. You sailed through crawling, decided that didn't get you around fast enough and graduated to walking a couple months later. You eat EVERYTHING. You can't get enough. You eat more than Noweo.

You are mischievous, you have an amazing sense of humor, the most infectious laugh that's part scream. You give big open mouthed wet kisses. You like to grab my face. You dance to Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, Iggy Azalea (Fancy) and the Everybody Loves Raymond theme song. Your smile. It drives everyone nuts it's so cute.

You and your sister love each other to pieces. The other day you let yourself fall backwards and the back of your head hit her in the face while she was lying next to you. It hurt and she cried and your daddy jokingly asked Noweo if he should give you a spanking. With very serious, tear filled eyes she looked up at him and said "No Daddy, because I love her!" My heart just melted and I was so proud in that moment. I know you don't have your words yet, but your eyes say it all, and I know you love your sister back.

I used to wonder if I could love anyone as much as I love Noweo, but you taught me that as our family grows, so does my heart and capacity to love. Loving you is effortless - like breathing. I'm sure you're going to test that love over and over again as the years go by, and we'll drive each other crazy and that's just life, but I'm so glad it's you.

Happy Birthday Leolani.