Handmade Holiday: Suuuper Easy DIY Wreath

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Ok so this is MOSTLY handmade. In the end I fizzled out and bought something to decorate the wreath with  because I just wanted to get it up on the door and be done with it.

I don't know who thought of this, but I saw it on Pinterest eons ago and decided it was the kind of thing that was simple and easy enough for me to do, AND I can get a lot of mileage out of this one. The idea is to have a neutral wreath and swap out seasonal accents. My plan was to make it in time for Halloween. I didn't finish it until after Thanksgiving. Ha! Life of a mother. At least it's all set for Christmas.

I thought this wreath was pretty self-explanatory: Wrap a styrofoam wreath in grey yarn. BOOM. DONE. I really don't know how to break it down further except to explain how I started and ended the project. You can adhere the end of the yarn to the styrofoam if you want, I didn't. I simply started wrapping, making sure to cover the end with yarn so it would stay in place. At the end I simply tied a few knots on the back, but you could also glue that end down as well. Just make sure that whatever you do you do it to the back.

The accent is an ornament I bought at Target. I strung it up with grey thread (maybe I should've used fishing line...oh well) I thought it would be nice to have something that jingles, so the "red snow-flake bell"  won. People are doing some really awesome crafty things with this wreath but I like the simple lines of one singular ornament. I hung it on the door using a command hook. Another idea I read recently was to staple the string to the top side of the door so you don't get holes in the front of the door. I'll do that next year.