Giving Thanks for Sisters

The thing I'm most grateful for this year kind of goes without saying, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. This year is Leo's year for sure since I spent most of it being pregnant with her, and while I'm grateful for a smooth pregnancy and a quick L&D, I'm mostly grateful for the opportunity she gave our family. Yeah we get to be mom and dad again, (oh gosh it's so true that you make all your mistakes on the first), but Noweo, she gets to be a sister. Just typing those words makes me grin because they're at the beginning of what will hopefully be life-long friendship (with the occasional cat fight). I totally lucked out with an awesome sister, so I know what they have to look forward too. Watching their relationship unfold as a mother brings a new level of "wow this is awesome" to parenthood, along with a new level of "wow this is hard." Not only do you get to watch a baby develop all over again (fun!) but you get to watch two little people figure each other out (hilarious AND fun). Leo makes us more of a family, and more family is always a good thing.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's spent in gratitude with the people you love most.