Design Challenge with Wrappily!

Ok I don't usually wake up in the morning and say "I think I'm going to design some wrapping paper today…" but that's just what happened after I was invited along with other local designers to submit some designs to Wrappily. What is Wrappily you ask? Wrappily is an eco-friendly, Maui based wrapping paper company founded by Sara Irene Smith. They reached out to local designers to come up with their newest line themed "Lucky We Live Hawaiʻi."

Did you know that conventional wrapping paper is not recyclable? I had NO idea! I's paper right? So it must be recyclable. Well it isn't. And now we know. Wrappily solves this problem by printing on newsprint paper. Genius!

Aaaanyway, I was SO IN. I had never designed wrapping paper before, and I wasn't sure exactly what I would create. I mean, there are LOTS of things I love about Hawaii but I couldn't settle on any one thing, so I asked Facebook. I got a lot of weather/beach variations, so I thought I'd incorporate those elements. Being Hawaiian, it HAD to be about more than just "Oh the weather's great!" or "Hawaii has the best beaches!" The elements around us are what feed us, nurture us, purify and protect us (ok maybe a little deep for wrapping paper, but I see it as a modern effort to aloha ʻāina - care for the land.) With that in mind, these are the designs that were created:

Wela i ka lā - Warmed by the sun

Celebrating the life-giving warmth of the sun we all enjoy.

SoPupuka-Wela i la La

ʻOluʻolu i ke kai

Inspired by the soothing temperate waters that surround us, feed us, connect us.

SoPupuka-'Olu'olu i ke kai-2

Ola ia ka lūʻau: Nurtured by the lūʻau leaf.

Featuring a closer look at the lūʻau leaf of the kalo (taro) plant, the foundation of Hawaiian society and culture, by which we are all fed.

SoPupuka-Ola i ka lu'au

There's no guarantee my designs will be sent to print. Only backers of Wrappily's recent Indiegogo campaign are allowed to vote., and only three designs will be chosen. If these aren't the ones, no worries. I created something I'm proud of and I can use them for something else. There are some awesome designs made by some fabulous designers (seriously if I had known who I was up against, I might not have done it.) Every submission is unique and it's cool to see everyone's interpretation of a phrase Hawai'i people know and love. Go enjoy the eye candy!