Delight #3: My Relationship with the Divine

IMG_5730This is a lele, a type of Hawaiian altar. Offerings were (and still are) placed upon the platforms to honor Hawaiian deity.

I was raised to believe in God, that he is my Father, that He loves me and wants what will bring me the most growth and happiness. I realize the not everyone shares that belief, but I do think that everyone needs to connect with something greater than themselves.

To me, a connection with God means that I can be led in every action. It means my sense of self-worth can come from someone who knows my history, my shortcomings and mistakes and still loves me completely. It means that each moment, especially the seemingly mediocre ones can be filled with purpose as I give my life to my children - His children. It means that my thoughts and actions are what matter most. It means that worldly acquisions mean nothing and that acquiring them does not increase my value. It means I can lose everything and still be happy.

Do I always have this attitude? Sadly, no, but the more I connect with Him, the more these words are true for me in my life. So many of us turn to other things in search of value and worth, but we forget that we are inherently amazing - each a walking miracle with a unique contribution to give to this world. We have everything we need to live a purposeful life, and connecting with the divinity in and around us reminds us of the goodness we are all capable of.