Delight #2 - My Children

I'm delving more into my list: exploring it, talking about each item,  what it means to me and why it's such a positive force in my life. I'm doing this in a series called "The 21." Posts in this series will be available for easy access in The 21. I invite you to think about the things that are  most important to you in your life and why.

Gender Reveal]

I'm jumping the gun a little. Any day now, I will have children, but  right now, I have a beautiful little 3 year old girl, Noweo. My daughter brings pure love and joy to my life. She sings to herself almost constantly in the sweetest little voice. If you could see it, it would look like glittery rainbows cascading from her mouth. She likes doing headstands on the couch. She has a little baby doll that goes everywhere with her. She laughs and giggles at just about everything. A lot of times it's a hilarious fake laugh, but that teaches me that you can actually choose to find delight in something. She wants nothing more than to be with us every minute of every day and she is most definitely our resident expert on love, forgiveness, and finding joy in simple things.

When we were expecting her, we wondered how she would fit in to what we had already created for ourselves. We had been married for 3 years and had gotten into a pretty good groove. We worried that our marriage would suffer under the burden of caring for a little one, but when she came, we realized just how wrong we were. She is the glue that brings us together. I can't number the moments we've all lain in bed together, completely entranced by the affections and charms of this little person, fully content to just be in the moment.

Now I look forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of our second daughter. I just know they will love each other and I will learn even more about love from watching them interact. I have no worries about how she'll "fit in" or what kinds of adjustments we'll have to make. Yes, there will adjustments. It may be uncomfortable, frustrating, disheartening maybe, but I will never again question how or if she'll "fit in." She's not even here yet and already we wouldn't be "us" without her.