Dear Leolani


Dear Leolani,

You've been around for five months and this is my first letter to you. In my defense, I'm a lot busier now than I was when your sister was born and could sit around and write for days while she took long naps. Anyway, sorry for not writing sooner.

I used to worry that I didn't have enough love for the both of you, but let me reassure you that you love so easily and are SO EASY to love. Everything about you is amazing and totally unique. You are not your sister. You are your own person and I hope to honor that.

Everyone around you is completely smitten by you and it's no wonder. You are a little piece of heaven.

One of my favorite things to do is breathe you in and hold you close, even if you smell like spit up and drooled on clothes. You are so squishy! Gosh I love that about babies, and miss that about your sister (who is tall and bony and harder to cuddle with). I realized after having you that there will be a time in my life where I won't have such easy access to an infant, and I'm enjoying this stage of your life as much as I can.

I love that you know me, and that your face lights up and you kick and wave your arms when you see me. I know you won't always be that excited to be around me so I'll enjoy being the love of your life for now.

I love your smile. You start off with a little smile and it creeps up and fills your whole face and you are so full of smile that it seems you could burst. Sometimes that smile overflows into a giggle, and my favorite job is making you laugh. I've got to give the title of "Chief Giggle Extractor" to Noweo though. You two have something special and I look forward to many more years of giggles.

You are quite mobile, though not crawling. I'm expecting you'll pick that up in the next several weeks. Oh. Boy. In the meantime, you somehow manage to get where you want to go. Don't ask me how. You could be teleporting for all I know because I blink and you're suddenly somewhere totally different.

You are a giant sponge. Your eyes are always so wide open, taking everything in. It's as if they're not big enough and I can see how hard you're working to understand the world around you. Sometimes I wish I could see the world through your eyes.

Leo, you are an amazing little person, and I'm so, so honored to be your mother. I just love watching you grow and change and learn and interact with us. Thank you for making us even more of a family.