IMG_1642 IMG_1648 IMG_1663IMG_1754Drowning in mess but accepting it as an unavoidable part of life right now. Subsequently enjoying my #yearofmess project. They've led to some of my favorite photos so far.

Prepping for my first event of the year. Details coming soon.

Still over the moon about the response to the trucker hats.

IN LOVE with this season of Downton so far. I had my reservations about what they would do post-Matthew, but it's PLENTY interesting.

Excited about being hired to do a photo shoot (NOT as a model…as a photographer.) Didn't think that would happen…ever.

Re-working my work area. Hopefully by the time I'm done it'll be a calmer, more efficient space.

Living in the present by letting go of stuff I think I'll need "just in case."

Enjoying Leo enjoying her new found freedom as a crawler.

Feeling excited about now.