Around Here

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It's been a pretty slow week this week, which I'm glad for because the last few have been a whirlwind. The girls and I caught colds but I think we're on the the tail end thank goodness.

I've been obsessively watching Photoshop tutorials since subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud, but watching a bunch of random Youtube tutorials left me feeling more confused than anything. I remembered my friend Tania telling me about Pugly Pixel a while back, and I love to pop in to her blog once in a while and see what she's up to. I relate to her because she's self-taught and she's done AMAZING things with what she knows and that gives me hope. She offers a beginning photoshop video course called PS I Love You. Each video is 3-4 minutes usually, and she goes step by step in creating fun effects. I signed up yesterday morning and I don't know how many little videos I watched, but I already feel myself getting a handle on Photoshop and THAT is a really cool feeling.

When I get into a design kick, I think to myself "I should just do strictly digital stuff." I've felt like this before and often go back and forth between taking clients and selling digital products (no supplies/product to purchase and take up room in my house) and the thrill of someone handing me cash for a physical item I made. Having industry standard design software makes me want to spend more time designing and selling digital products and less time selling physical products and so far I'm having a blast learning it. No worries. I'm not about to make any hasty decisions, but I am happy to be able to pursue a variety of things.

P.S. My friend Kendra made the leap into selling adorable art prints after exclusively selling digital products and offers tips on how to jump in to selling physical products.