Around Here

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Around here I am in disbelief at how quickly this week went by.

Around here I didn't do so good at making salads, mostly because the shopping I did this week didn't include salad stuff. I still need to "systemize" our lives a bit so things run smoothly. It still feels like we just moved in and I'm constantly trying to get things under control.

Around here I'm 2 dentist appointments away from having "perfect" teeth again (or at least hole-free)

Around here I'm getting excited about working some local craft fairs.

Around here I'm excited about my new cards hitting the shelves here.

Around here my kitchen has been mocking me with its' messiness, but one of these days I'll be mad enough at it to whip it into shape.

Around here I made some art…and failed so I threw it away. I had such high hopes! I'm not giving up though. I will have a success story to share with you soon.

Around here I'm still smiling about the extra family time we had this week. Keola and I even went to Kona on Saturday and were away from the kids for a whole day! I'm learning more and more how important down time really is. Wishing you some quality down time this weekend.