Around Here

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Around here it's been pretty relaxing (see: Noweo sleeping - she can sleep in just about ANY position). Keola hasn't gotten completely over his cold so he got kicked out of the office the one day he did try to go in to work. Real life SHOULD start today and I'm not ready. I've been working like crazy while he's been home. It's not every day I get to focus more on work since he's here to hang with the kids. I would love for every day to be like this week. Working, playing, hanging together, all day every day. Someday.

Around here our house is slowly coming out of post-Christmas chaos. Our bathroom got a deep clean and de-clutter and it's the most spa-like place in our house. All it needs is a plant and a piece of art and it's good to go. Half the girls' toys are packed away, and the other half are on shelves. This has done WONDERS for my sanity, as I'm not spending half my day bent over because I'm picking up a toy. The kitchen's next.

Around here we're watching Leolani hit some major milestones: sitting up and eating solids. Do I have photos of either of these things? Of course not. But I do have one of an epic spit-up episode. She was a little poi monster on Oʻahu, and tonight she had a little banana. I think it ended up being a big hit, but her enthusiasm for it was questionable at first. Even though this isn't my first rodeo and I pretty much know what to expect developmentally from my babies, it's still one of my greatest joys in life to watch Leo grow and change and figure things out.

Around here I've been reading up on the Paleo diet. I'd been thinking about cutting out dairy and rice and whaddayaknow…I'm almost Paleo already. Of course, this is just in the research/thinking about it stage. I'm not doing to lose weight, just to be healthier. I really can't afford to lose weight, but I can't afford to be unhealthy. Anyone have any experience with this diet?

Around here I ventured out for my first run - a little over a mile and that was PLENTY. Running's not really my thing and it takes me a while to get back into it, but I was rewarded with some beautiful morning sky.

2014 rocks so far.