just another photo challenge: eerie beauty

I've been a little off my game the last two weeks with all the moving craziness, so I gave myself permission to bow out of photo challenges if I didn't have the spare brain power to participate. I finally feel like I've got my feet back under me (at least temporarily) and I couldn't miss out on this week's challenge.
Since "eerie beauty" presented an opportunity to play around with some cool effects I wouldn't normally use, I decided to take a photo that is relatively old (a few months) and try to make it look eerie. I'm pretty pleased with the result:
I love this photo because she's looking directly at the camera, not smiling, and her fingers perfectly frame her eye. Her face is so sweet and it creates a wonderful juxtaposition to her gritty (chocolate covered) hand. To me she looks like one of those creepy kids in those scary Japanese movies that sweetly drag you to your death. Ok maybe not that creepy, but it does have some creep factor.
The only thing that sort of snaps you back to reality is Keola in the background watching TV haha! I guess he can be the creepy couch potato or something. I don't think I said "creep" enough in this post.


What are your Halloween plans? Or if you're reading this after the fact, what did you do for Halloween?
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P.S. Effects were created in FX Foto Pro for Mac.