good news!

In case you missed it on Instagram, we picked up the keys to our apartment yesterday! So far this move has been mostly a one woman show (with the help of my brother this morning) as Keola's been at work, but I'm happy with what I've got done so far. Most of our stuff is out of my parents' house and I did it in one trip. I guess having a gigantic sedan is good sometimes.
Tomorrow a friend of ours is giving us a couch with a pull-out bed so we'll have something to sleep on until we can get a real bed, and we'll be emptying out our storage unit. I'm a little afraid because I feel like we have SO MUCH STUFF already, and I don't want to bring anything else into the house and spoil the feeling of space. We have a lot more editing to do I think. We don't own any furniture, so this is a great opportunity to really prioritize, decide what we want to keep and then decide how we'll store it. You might say "Why didn't you just do that before you moved?" But it's hard to decide such things before you get into your new space.
I'm looking forward to the challenge of fitting 3.2 people in a one bedroom apartment.
More on the apartment itself later.