Grandma's Wedding-3
it goes without saying that the most exciting times in our lives often are the firsts.
first day at school
first time riding a bike
first kiss
first job
first house.
our firsts are all centered around number one: me
but in waiting for my daughter to enter my life, firsts no longer become about me, but
about her.
the first time i saw that positive pregnancy test and knew
life would never be the same
because now SHE is in it.
the first time we heard her heart beat
the first time we saw her little 12 week old body
already so human.
the first time i felt her little flutters in my belly.
the first signs of new life.
the first time her father said her name
Pregnancy has brought so many firsts into my life,
but they are her firsts too.
and now I live for her.
to watch her have her firsts.
first cry
first smile
first steps.
and i am content to watch her blossom
because as she does, so do i.