I have a bunch of blog ideas that I'd love to spend some time hashing out, but Keola's VERY, VERY close to getting a job. He has the most promising interview yet AND the job is located in my beloved Laie. EEEEEEEEEEKKK! I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up, but it's so hard to concentrate on anything else. I just keep seeing me and Noweo walking to the beautiful white sand beaches just a short jaunt away and visiting aunties and uncles and little cousins (Noweo would have a ball playing with all the kiddies) and running around my old undergraduate stomping grounds and pretending to be intellectual again. Aaaaaaahhhh! I think it's too late. My hopes are up. Oh, and here's why this post is entitled "dirt":

Noweo just can't get enough of it!

Care to guess how Noweo ended up with a sumo belt made of dirt?