around here

We're in the final stretch - with less than a month till full term and about 5.5 weeks before my due date. The longer I'm pregnant, the more I'm actually lookingforward to labor. It may be painful, but it also signals THE END. Being pregnant with Noweo was nice and relaxing. I worked part time translating Hawaiian newspapers and the rest of the time I made and watched youtube videos of my pregnancy. Being pregnant with #2 is anything but, with all the packing, moving and unpacking, and with Noweo not understanding that I can't chase her around the yard for very long, or get down and crawl around on the hard wood floor, and she always manages to ask for something as soon as I've sat down and made myself comfortable. I'm ready for her to get her skinny mom back, and I can't wait to sleep on my back and stomach.

Most of all, I just can't wait to meet this little girl, and to see how she'll fit in with us. Noweo already loves her baby sister and it's really sunk in that we're gonna have a little baby in the house. ALL little babies (boys included) she encounters are "Baby Sister," and she tells everyone she meets that she's getting a baby sister. It's adorable. I follow some folks on Instagram that have newborns and I can't wait to have mine. Babies really do bring a certain peace and calm to a house (I know I'll probably recant that statement in the next 60 days). 

Noweo loves this book we got from the library

We (by we I mean "I") decided that our bookshelves weren't working hard enough. Everything on top of the dresser (pictured below) and all the books and binders on the white shelf (right) were spread out over 2 tall bookshelves flanking the TV. NOT an efficient use of space, plus the shelves were looking cluttered and messy. Now everything's neat and tidy in their new homes and you can really feel the difference walking in. I'm not done yet. Some of those frames will end up on the wall. I just needed to stash them somewhere for the time being.

Back to the tall bookshelves: One went to the girls' room, and one to our room, and now we have a large, mostly blank wall for art and family pics. The dresser above used to house our clothes, but it really wasn't suited to that (the drawers were really shallow), so we brought it out by the dining table and the clothes that were in the dresser are now sitting on a bookshelf (which it handles surprisingly well). We still want a dresser, but this works for now.

Let's all breathe a collective "aaaahhhhh." Clutter seriously agitates me. There are other areas of the house that still require attention of course, but just moving things around and making better use of what you have makes a HUGE difference. And you know? Ever since I moved those tall shelves out, our entire house has been 97% cleaner. Noweo's room is clean (it was a disaster before), the living room is clean (see before and after pics), and our bedroom is clean because there aren't really any available surfaces to collect clutter. Do little things end up lying around here and there? Yeah, but it's barely anything and it's so easy to keep under control. JUST what I needed before the crazy sets in.