seven years, no itch

Today Keola and I celebrate SEVEN years of marriage. While our wedding day feels like it just happened yesterday, itʻs also true that we feel like we've already lived a whole lifetime together.

We've always been one of THOSE annoying couples that love to be together, often surprising our friends when we tell them we don't really feel the need to get away from each other. I count myself blessed that my husband loves to be with me, which isn't always the case in other marriages.

Still, in true female fashion, I couldn't resist asking the inevitable question that comes with the 7th anniversary. "So hun, have you felt 'The Itch?'" I always get an honest answers to questions like these, which I appreciate. This is basically what he said:

"I think both you and I have had moments where we wonder what our lives would be like if we didn't get married. Maybe we would've traveled more, gone to different grad schools, lived a more adventurous life, had the freedom to pick up and go where we wanted, when we wanted, without needing someone else's consent. I mostly feel that way when I'm irritated with you, but it never lasts."

That's exactly what I would've said, and what I think most happily married people feel from time to time. This last year or two has tested and stretched us beyond anything we've experienced before, and if there was ever a time where the grass seemed greener on the other side, this year was it.

It's easy to want "out" of your life if you focus on what you don't have, but when I think about what we give each other, I'd be crazy to want another life. The opportunity to walk through life with someone that loves you completely and bring some pretty awesome kids along with you is so much more than I could've achieved on my own.

Is marriage hard? Yup. Is parenting even harder? YOU BET. We never thought it would be easy and we certainly weren't disappointed, but we've got a good thing going and seven years hasn't changed that.

Happy Anniversary Hun. I love you.