Two Weeks of Crazy

It has been a whirlwind two weeks. We ended up moving sooner than we planned to, and I TOTALLY didn't take it easy. I don't know how many loads of stuff I carried from our apartment, down the stairs, to the car, to our new house, and up the stairs where it was (contrary to my original plan) dumped unceremoniously on the floor. Since we had to move during the week instead of on a weekend, everyone was working (including Keola) so it was up to me to move most of our things with Noweo in tow (she's such a trooper). It was a lot of work, but we managed to get our apartment emptied and cleaned in time for check out. We had 5 days to do it all.
As soon as we were done checking out of our apartment, my sister and her husband arrived from Georgia. It had been 3 years since I'd seen her, and her husband's first trip to Hawaii so we had a blast this past week, taking them around the island and hanging out. I could really get used to them living here, but once you leave Hawaii, it's a loooong road back that requires a lot of financial planning and sacrifice. I hope they make it home eventually.
This past Thursday my mom's parents flew in from Oʻahu, and we all watched the baby of our family graduate from high school. Itʻs weird for me to think all my siblings are basically adults, and it must be even WEIRDER for my parents. This is a brand new chapter and I'm excited to see what it ends up looking like. 
Now things have quieted down: all the out-of-town family has flown home, we're done moving stuff, we're mostly unpacked, our new place is pretty functional at this point, and there are no more large family events happening any time soon. I can once again turn my attention to my Etsy shop and my biggest event to date coming up in two weeks. Oh and then there's the baby girl that's scheduled to arrive in TEN weeks. TEN WEEKS. Time is going to fly! For now, I'm just relieved that we got through May.