lately I'm...

Recovering from a crazy 3 weeks of funeral planning, including numerous funeral program edits (as unofficial family graphic designer), and slideshow put-togethering and lots and lots of family time with out-of-towners. So glad that things are quieting down after said busy funeral week.
Sad that so many relatives couldn't stay longer.
Nursing Keola and Noweo who decided to catch colds.
Grateful that I'm not sick yet.
Realizing that even monthly goals may be too long term.
Getting our money in order and figuring out realistic budgets.
Listening (e-v-e-r-y--d-a-y) to Noweo chat excitedly about her birthday. ("I going to zoo, beach and too too twain! And happy birthday cake! And candles! Yay! Yay! Yay!")
Loving feeling giant rolls and kicks from baby girl...except when my bladder is full. This pregnancy is going by waaaay too fast!
Stuck as to what to put on my walls.
Getting excited for my Farmer's Market booth this month.
Pouring over Brene Brown's Daring Greatly and bursting into tears every other page. Add that to my "books I must own" list.
Looking forward to French Kids Eat Everything
Getting closer to a decision about where to give birth.
Contemplating some pretty big questions about what's next. I'll explain more when I actually have news.