busy day

Why is it that some days are mellow and some days are absolutely crazy? That's how yesterday felt. Tons of errands and Noweo's annual checkup (she's doing great.)
I've been telling myself that I'm going to do Farmer's Market this Saturday but I've felt blocked as to how to set up my table. Ok. First thing's first. I NEED a table. Ha! Then I picked up some new toner  for my bone dry printer and voila! Those toner boxes will be PERFECT for displaying my cards. I just have to go pretty them up now. What a relief. Don't you just love it when the things you need fall right into your lap?
I'm surprisingly excited for Farmer's Market. The truth is after all our bills are paid we're BARELY making ends meet so any extra income I can add is great. I'm not sure how well my stuff will sell, but after a few successful First Friday's I know I'll at least make a profit. I'm excited to get into a routine of making and selling stuff (strangely I think it'll calm me down), and I'm looking forward to tweaking and perfecting my booth. Funny, I'm not really afraid the way I was terrified of First Friday. I'm just eager to get out there, meet new people, get feedback, design new things and contribute financially to our family.
I love being good busy.