I'm stealing a few minutes to write a quick post. It's Monday morning and after picking up some doughnuts we headed to Keola's workplace to eat and hop on the internet since we have yet to get ours hooked up. This is the first time I haven't been able to piggy back on someone's open signal. I guess people are getting smart. Someone even named their router "Get Your Own Router." Love it.
It's been a whirlwind few days and we feel so blessed. This first picture was taken when we first started moving stuff into our apartment (last Thursday???). This is ALL the stuff we had at my parents' house. Yikes. I didn't know we had so much.
Every time we move we sell everything and start over in our new place and I'm sick of have to spend days shopping every time we move. This time around we're looking for things that will we keep forever, and I think we've been pretty successful so far.
On Friday we picked up this gorgeous futon from Dragon Mama downtown. We wanted something comfy and cozy for Noweo, yet could easily be moved and stashed away during the day. She had been on a crib sized mattress up until now, and she was outgrowing it so we graduated her to a twin. I think she approves. She even slept in the bedroom all night all by herself on that thing. It's a miracle I tell you. MIRACLE.
We scored this cabinet from the Sally Shop downtown for $100. It definitely needs some TLC, but I love the lines and the the solid construction. It houses our super heavy TV a friend gave us, AND my giant and equally heavy laser printer. Again, another keeper.
The same friend that gave us a TV also gave us a couch with a pull out bed until we find a bed of our own. Of course it's not the most comfortable thing (are they ever?) but it saved us a TON of money allowed us to be in our apartment and we're grateful.
Other little things I'm happy to have again or be reunited with include:
  • my really good cutco kitchen knives. try cutting an onion with a butter knife...not fun.
  • pot holders
  • hand towels
  • my own washer/dryer
  • pots and pans
  • new pillows
  • a big closet
  • privacy
  • near complete control of the TV
Surprising things that we're still living without include:
  • the internet
  • a rice cooker
  • a microwave
Honestly, I don't really miss any of those things the way I thought I would. Every time we walk into Walmart or Target we ask ourselves "Should we get the rice cooker and microwave today?" And the answer is always "Nah...another day."