pregnancy update: 12 weeks 3 days

The first trimester is finally coming to a close! Thank goodness because it was really dragging for me. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy because there's so much discomfort with no reward. So far this pregnancy has been more intense.
Having no appetite sometimes
Being super hungry sometimes
Hot flashes
Extreme sensitivity to smells
Slight muscle cramping in my abdomen area. It kinda feels like round ligament pains(already!)
A teeny little baby bump that looks more like fat. Super flattering.
Things I love:
Sweet/sour stuff like citrus fruits and li hing mui
Mexican and Italian food (though too much tomato based food gives me heartburn)
Comfy maxi skirts and soft knits
Things I despise:
The smell of ground beef cooking - Just can't stand it
The smell of dirty diapers - You don't have to be pregnant to despise that...
Brushing my teeth - makes me gag
Missing my nap  - makes me cranky
Shopping for food - it's hard to find stuff I want to eat, and going by the meat and seafood sections make my stomach turn.
Guilty Pleasure:
Cocoa and soda crackers with night. Yup.
Looking Forward to:
Feeling the baby kick in the next few weeks. 
Looking pregnant instead of just fat.
The end of nausea in a few days (hopefully)
The return of my energy (again, hopefully)
I can wait for:
That awkward place where you're too big for regular clothes and too small for maternity.
Not being able to sleep on my back anymore.
On my mind:
I spend a lot of time thinking about what it's gonna be like with two kids who are at very different stages of development. I'm imagining having to be up all night with one and up all day with the other. No more napping with the baby. I'm a bit more nervous abut having two kids than I was having one kid, but like anything else it'll be an adjustment that we will simply have to make.
I wanna know:
For those of you with multiple children, which addition proved to be the the most challenging transition? 0-1 kids? 1-2 kids? 2-3 kids? 3+?
Image credit: That gorgeous print is by kmberggren on Etsy. I just LOVE it.