it's baby time!

I have been ITCHING to talk about this on the blog, but I held back until our 8 week ultrasound, just to make sure. Well, everything looks good, so I feel ok about saying WE'RE HAVING A BABY!
I'm talking about Little Skittle a lot earlier than I did with Noweo. When we found out about Noweo we didn't tell my parents until I was at 8 weeks, and we didn't tell anyone else until about 13 weeks. I was really nervous the first time around. This time, my parents knew almost as soon as I did, and we've been telling friends and family slowly over the last month. I waited for the ultra sound to announce it online. I suppose things could still go wrong, and if it does, I'll have lots of support since everybody knows now. But really, I don't want to be worried or fearful. I just want to be at peace, and I am.
This pregnancy could not have come at a better time. I knew in my bones that we needed to have another one. Noweo's lonely, especially after leaving her cousins on Maui. Now she'll be a big sister and I know she'll be fantastic.
Also exciting is the new life this pregnancy will breathe into the blog. There's always so much to talk about what there's a baby cookin'. Who knows? Maybe I'll throw up some vlogs too.
Of course, this adds a whole new dimension to my word for the year, settle. We really do need to be in our own space working within established routines to make the transition of having another baby easier for Noweo. We also need to get her out of diapers and out of our bed and I'm guessing it'll be a pretty monumental struggle. So much to do!
All in all, our little family is moving along at a pretty fast pace: new job, new apartment (soon) and new baby. You know that phrase, "When it rains it pours?" That's us right now. Blessings are being poured on our family, and I know this could all go away in an instant, so in this moment I am just so grateful.