a quiet christmas

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IMG_4407Christmas is over and I am EXHAUSTED (in a good way) from this season. It seems like we've had something going on almost every night in December, from office parties to church parties,weddings, caroling and concerts. I've been able to reconnect with friends and family and it's been a crazy, jam-packed, wonderful time.
Keola and Noweo are cuddled in bed as I steal a few minutes to write this post. The house is quiet. We've had it all to ourselves since my parents and brothers left for Oʻahu on Sunday to be with our family there. Alas, we had to stay back because of Keola's work schedule,and while we miss everybody we don't mind. Life has been non-stop since we got to Hilo, and after all the hustle and bustle we finally got to slow down and enjoy a calm, quiet few days where we can just focus on the three of us.
Some things I want to remember:
Noweo thinks the presents under the tree are "Happy Birthday Presents (which makes total sense if you think about it)." She helped "Ama" wrap presents for "Apa" and then proceeded to excitedly tell him what they were when he came home from work. Fortunately most of what she says requires a translator (aka Moi) so he still has no clue what he's getting for Christmas. Noweo likes to take the ornaments off the tree and put them under it. She pulled all the ribbons off our advent calendar over a week ago (so technically it's been Christmas for the past 10 or so days). She is obsessed with Jingle Bells. Santa Claus is her friend from the mall that gives her "hot" candy canes. She desperately wants to get on a plane and see her Maui family. It's tragic to hear her cry over them but I'm so glad she still remembers and loves them so fiercely. My mom gave her a brown paper bag to put puzzle pieces in so she could take them out one by one and put them together. She refused to play that game, preferring to keep the puzzle pieces in the bag, along with any other "treasures" she finds around the house. If anyone's missing anything, The Bag is the first place to look.
How was your Christmas season? What memories did you make that you want to remember?