settling in

This isn't the first time I've posted pictures of Wailoa Park, and it certainly won't be the last. This is one of the first places I want to go whenever I come home, and that's just what we did Sunday afternoon.
I'm seriously, so thrilled with how things have been going since we arrived. Noweo, who on previous visits hasn't been too comfortable around my parents, suddenly LOVES them. She's so comfortable around all her Hilo family and that's a relief. She sleeps really well, she eats really well, and generally has a good time getting elbow-deep in whatever's going on. We've tried to keep her schedule normal (which is still tough right now) and give her the foods she's accustomed to.
We've already seen so many friends and family at church and around town, and it's gone a long way toward making us feel at home again.
As of today, stuff has been sorted through, donated, thrown out, organized and the remainder put into storage. We kept out only what we immediately need in our bedroom and it feels nice and homey.
Our car is on its' way with more stuff from Maui and its' arrival will likely require more sorting and tossing and donating (even though we edited our stuff before we sent it over).
Yesterday we paid a visit to Keola's job and came home with starfruit, bananas, and a giant bag of sweet potato chips. Noweo got royally spoiled by the aunties (a.k.a. the staff) and she had a blast running around what I'm sure to her appears to be a school for giants. We definitely look forward to lunch dates with Daddy, and Keola looks forward to being part of a team and making real contributions to a community.
 We won't go looking for our own place for a few months on account of us being broke, so in a way we don't feel COMPLETELY settled yet and we look forward to that, but having a car and having all our stuff on the same island is a big accomplishment, so it's all good, plus it's fun to see Noweo getting re-acquainted with "Amma" and "Appa."
I continue to marvel at how everything's fallen into place. Back on Maui, I just received word that the short sale has been approved and closing will happen at the end of the month. Grandma will get a nice payout from the sale which we didn't think she'd get, so she should be sitting pretty for Christmas.
Yeah, it was tough to say goodbye. Thanks for indulging me in my super gushy and emotional last post. It was an important turning point that had to be documented, and for the record, Keola gave me the ok to post it. It's still hard, but there are so many good things happening here and on Maui that we can't help but feel that everything happened just as it should. We are blessed.
P.S. While I didn't initially intend it, turns out this post fits MauiShopGirl's weekly photo challenge prompt quite nicely, and in the spirit of being too lazy to take another picture, I'm just gonna link up this post :) For us, home is wherever we are, and we are still learning that lesson, but I'm over the moon about being in Hilo.