play for pennies (or less): DIY cereal box coin roller

Yes, Keola's working...NO, we're not rolling in any kind of dough at the moment (and won't be for the foreseeable future). It's also been raining....a we mostly stay indoors. My last post has pictures taken from the day after Thanksgiving and it was the ONLY sunny day in the past 10 or so days...
That's ok.
All these things force me to get creative when it comes to the kind of fun Noweo and I have, and honestly, it's much more rewarding (and affordable) to make something than to run to the store and pick something out. Last week I was browsing some new blogs and came across Made by Joel, a blog full of simple, handmade toys where I found this idea for acereal box coin roller. I think I'm hooked on making stuff now.
Ok don't laugh. I know it's ugly, but it did the trick. Joel's is much prettier. Also, my engineering skills kinda suck, so something that should've taken me less than 5 minutes to make took more like 15. In my defense, I was using corrugated cardboard so it's not as smooth or easy to cut. My brother laughed at me the whole time, but when the dust settled, IT WORKED!
Noweo LOVED it! (As did I...I'm easily entertained.)
 If you're wondering what those tape cassette cases (because yes, we still have TAPE CASSETTES) are doing, my brother thought it would be cool if we had something that the disc could knock over like toy soldiers or something. Well, we didn't have toy soldiers, so we improvised.
I didn't take photos of the construction process, because I only have two hands and because it's pretty self explanatory. You can check out the simple tutorial at Made by Joel. I will definitely be trying out more of his wonderful ideas.
Hopefully they'll turn out better looking.